Forget piña colada and mojito, because with us you can only expect unique and extraordinary cocktail creations! Have you ever tried a drink with rose tea? No? Then try our Guns n’ Roses. Oh, so you are more of a margarita person? Got it! Our Buttermilk-Margarita with real buttermilk is the hit. Forget what you’ve tried before. Come and get a taste of the only real Jamboree-style drinks!


Long Night of the Hotelbars

One ticket gives you access to 8 bars! Join us on the Long Night of the Hotel Bars on March 28, 2020 and start your evening at Jamboree Bar. An authentic living room atmosphere with cool vibes from the 80s awaits you. Come treat yourself to our welcome drink. An unforgettable long night (of the hotel bars) is most certainly guaranteed!

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Feel like getting something to eat? In addition to exceptional drinks and snacks, we also serve cool burgers and bowls. Whether classic or vegan, Beet the Bowl or Autumn Chick’n, we have everything for those with small to big appetite.