World Cup Fan Block

We will be in cheering mood as of 14 June. Instead of a World Cup Fan Mile we offer something much better: The Jamboree fan block. On top of that we indulge you with a delicious BBQ, freshly drawn Heineken beer and hopefully lots of goals. We broadcast every game live on our terrace. You won’t be able to experience the World Cup any better. And yes, you are guaranteed to sit in the first row to have an eye on every match.

Cocktail classes

Our exclusive cocktail classes are designed to improve your
bartending skills and to give you the chance to take a look behind the
bar counter scenes at Jamboree. Our bar team invites you
to discover a world of difference, tastes and the finest spirits.
At the end of the course, you will gain your award: your very own cocktail.
Book now: +49 30 2553 1555

19 May 2018 | Non-alcoholic Punk
15 September 2018 | Sweet and Sour Salsa
20 October 2018 | Autumn Jazz
17 November 2018 | Winter Rock
Period: 3pm to 5pm

Jamboree Weekend Warm-up

Powered by Energy. Start your weekend off right
– in your living room at Potsdamer Platz. Creative drinks, hot snacks, cool sounds and boisterous vibes are awaiting you. Every Friday from 6 PM.